Not feel the Ring Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019, only about 5 months left If you need a certain amount of solar eclipse glasses, I will inform you where to buy eclipse glasses.

But before that, what exactly is eclipse? The extent to which one of these astronomical symptoms appeals to society and why these natural phenomena are always looked forward to by many places in various parts of the world.

Eclipse is a series of events that cover an object due to objects / objects passing in front of it. The two objects involved in this eclipse have almost the same size when viewed from Earth.

Already understand not, of course. But the eclipse itself has two types, each of which has its own process, namely solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses are a series of solar, lunar, and earth events in a straight line. The moon is located between the sun and the earth.

The sun’s light is blocked by the moon, both obstructed partially and obstructed overall. While the lunar eclipse is when part or all of the cross section is covered by the shadow of the earth.

The lunar eclipse occurs because of the sunlight that goes to the earth barrier. Because sunlight is directed towards the earth, behind the earth shadows form, namely the total dark shadow (umbra) and dim shadow (penumbra).

Well, hopefully a brief explanation can give you a little enlightenment. For those who are really interested, please read more astronomy books.

For this reason, as I am interested in these symptoms, I will mention and explain some places that provide eclipse glasses, where to buy eclipse glasses to help you see the eclipse more clearly.

This site, based in the United States, Bartlett, Tennessee, is purely selling eclipse special glasses.

The company whose full name is American Paper Optics sells various types of glasses with various types and price variants. Ranging from original eclipsers glasses, to plastic eclipse glasses.

The look of a site that is designed that is attractive, will make it easier for you to see the collection of products sold. They have a tagline written in the main view of the site, it says “for eclipse glasses, we recommend that people use american people optics”.

For the price itself, it is still very affordable for all people, the price is still estimated at $ 0.45 to $ 1.00.


The big name of Alibaba as a giant e-commerce company cannot be separated from its founder Jack Ma. One of the richest people in China has successfully built the Alibaba Group empire to various sectors, from the marketplace to the film and fintech industries.

Like other online sales sites, eclipse glasses can be found there, for all ages, from children to adults. Starting from the lens: 0.16mm PET lens with high transmittance, material: 250gsm A super white paper class, physics parameters: The frame can be folded more than 6000 times; Lens parameters: 91.75% Direct transmission Direct transmission 15.55%; lenses Available Colors: Black / Gray / Polarized.

For further product details, just visit the Alibaba site. Furthermore, this site supports all languages.

In this place you will get eclipse glasses with new innovations, those with ISO and CE status have passed the testing phase and are even able to see the sun directly in a very safe manner.

In their products, they have complete instructions and procedures for use, written on the back of the product. Each eclipse glasses, exclusively equipped with scratch-resistant polymer lenses (silver or black) that can filter 100% ultraviolet light which is considered quite dangerous.

This poet can be said to be premium, when you use it, you can see the sun clearly and sharply with natural orange colors, with the right optical density and balance.

A place based on 40 Allendale Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom provides eyewear products of various types, ranging from general and special glasses, including eclipse glasses. For special eclipse glasses, for the price alone is between £ 5.99 to £ 80.00 depending on the amount desired.

It is only three places or sources of many places that sell eclipse glasses. In almost every city, where to buy eclipse glasses, you just need to be smart to find out more information. But if you want to move your creativity a little, you can make it yourself with some simple material.

Don’t forget to witness the solar eclipse at the end of the year, close your year by witnessing the beauty of one of these natural phenomena.

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