How Much Does A Tesla Cost

Super Car of Tesla 3 Model

Surprisingly, the United States electric vehicles (EV) industry success launched in 2018 and more growth in the 2019. A new vehicle product was launched, Tesla car. The current car comes with three super models namely Tesla A, Tesla X and Tesla 3 model. It will make many people who loves car asked how much does a Tesla cost. This article will be specialized with Tesla 3 model.

The features of Tesla 3 model

To decide for buying an electric car, you have to know all the additional features of the car. Tesla 3 model has distanced from 60 mph, it will make car lovers too impressive because this model already develop the performance and complete with over the air feature and another feature is twin of thumb scrolls. It completes dual scroll wheels to driver customizing tilt and telescoping function while the driver keeps on the wheel without worry.

The Tesla 3 model also has eight airbags and Wi-Fi internet. The passengers also will be enjoying streaming radio FM, keyless and climate control to make your comfort.

Interior and exterior in 2019 of Tesla model 3

This car was completed the minimalist interior and awesome. The most important is the front seats of this model offer the headroom so that make sure it will make your comfort when you drive. This model does not have conventional instrument panel so that the drive have to use multifunction of touching tablet about 15-inch.

The touching tablet can be doing everything such as start to charge, audio system and also air conditioner operation. Of course, for the driver, there is speedometer that has function as vehicle information and readily in the screen left. While the exterior also is awesome, this model tries to give you information that it is electric vehicle and has a spoiler of carbon-fiber.

Engine of Tesla 3 model

Tesla 3 model standard uses 62-kWh battery pack and ling-range is about 75-kWh. For the m3 model standard has 50-kWh pack will be launched this year.  An electric car has rear wheels and front wheels. It also completed with front trunk.

Price of Tesla 3 model

This part will be answered your question about how much does a Tesla cost. The Tesla model 3 has a vehicle that the most affordable with the starting price of $35.000. But the price of this car will be variety based on the specification that you want. You can check Tesla website to know the price.

The 3 model of standard range is about $48.200 with the range 220 miles while the performance option, actual price of this model about $70.700 with range 310 miles. This 3 model options also has four colors such as midnight silver metallic is about $1.500, white pearl of mutli-coat price $2.000, $1.500 for deep blue metallic and the last color of this model is red multi-coat about $2.500. All of the prices included a $1.200 for destination fees.

For the cheapest of electric car, the 3 model is one of the cheapest than Hyundai Kona electric vehicle.  Tesla 3 model has won an award as Resale Best electric car in the KBB 2019.


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